The Selfie Session is a unique place of exploration, truth and discovery.  Attendees have a chance to discover their true identity, connect with their personal authenticity, which will lead them to discover the purpose of their existence. During the Selfie Session participants have a unique opportunity to go on a personal journey.

Life  can  deal  us a hand  sometimes that causes us to lose touch with reality.

There  are  times  that  we  face  and  endure  through  faith,  love and support from family and friends,  gaining  spiritual  awareness through counseling or all of the above.   The  reality  is,  you  are  the  one  who  is  in  control  of  and  held accountable to your  life decisions,    your  life  actions   reactions  and none actions.    In  the Selfie Session you  can  find  out  who  you  are  and then go on a soul searching journey to find answers to questions you may seek about living your life in a powerful way. Remember sometimes life’s answers are found in another perspective. You will have an opportunity to ask a question anonymously to a licensed clinical psychologist.


Darlene McCoy

Nationally Syndicated Radio Host,Recording Artist, Published author Darlene McCoy will take participants on a journey to assist in the discovering the truth of who they are and what their existence lends to their lives. Darlene shares stories and experiences and walks through the word of God to bring full knowledge and understanding of the powerful person attendees really are through ministry, stories, and interaction.

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Dr. Joy Bakari

Dr. Joy Bakari is a licensed Clinical psychologist, a medical commentator on CNN, and appears weekly as the co-host of “What’s your Dilemma” on Darlene McCoy’s show, The Nightly Spirit. “What’s Your Dilemma will come alive during the Selfie Sessions. Dr. Joy will answer your anonymous questions about life, love, career, relationships and more. Participants leave with insight and perspective that will either define or redefine them professionally clinically and spiritually.


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